We can choose for ourselves.

Kimono_cropRGBThank you for your interest in the Kevlar® kimono project.

In the early mornings after my original essay appeared in Flagstaff Live, I dreamed about the Kevlar® kimono, and woke up one morning knowing something about how it would look. I did not know how I would construct it, or even why, precisely.

But after telling my story, other stories seemed to pour out of the women (and men) around me. Then I knew: this piece isn’t about me or my story. Instead, it illustrates the number and range of personal stories about women’s reproductive decisions.

Keeping secrets allows shame and judgment to dominate the conversation; telling them – maybe not in such a public way as I have – robs the power from those who try to control us with judgment. By telling our stories, we can change the conversation about reproductive choice.

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